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At this very moment, I’m registering myself into the International Culinary Photography Festival set to be held in Paris, November 6th-15th of this year.

It has me so nervous, I’ve been putting it off all month long!…that makes perfect sense right?!…just go with it.

The theme for the event is “seafood” – which is great, except that I needed to register with images of seafood before June 30th.  I don’t have any archived photos of seafood, and I am in the middle of the US, fast food nation really…fresh seafood is not in abundance here.

So, I had to get a little creative, and hope that this is just a place holder until I can get to the good stuff at Pike Place.

Here’s what I came up with (I know I can do better…)





Let me know what you think?  I may have a chance to redeem myself later on – any ideas of what I SHOULD shoot for Paris?! 🙂


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My friend Drew took some photos of me taking photos of him the other night – and then he made a movie out of it.

*not my camera pictured, but rather my friend Erin’s.

Still working on the fish shoot…I will probably post it sometime tomorrow.

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After leaving the Springfield Farmer’s Market on Adams St, this is what I came to know:  It’s small, it has a decent selection of fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses, nuts and natural body care, and that I should have put on some sun screen because it was so bright and sunny that I now have a pretty nasty sunburn (I was only there for 30minutes!?).

Here are some pictures of my 1,800 seconds at the market:








Next post: Fish and Shellfish!

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