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Wow, so the last time I’ve managed to post was May 2012, huh?…clearly I’m winning at this whole blogging thing?!  Well, goodness.

There’s so much that has happened in the last year+, and I hope to have the chance to share it all very soon.  But in an attempt to address my inspiration for writing in the first place (you can all thank her at the end), I’d like to keep to a single topic – my friend of 23 years, Amanda Waltman.

Image(and she can thank me later for using this image) 

I met Amanda in 2nd grade.  We became inseparable *almost instantly (*to be completely honest, like all of my great friendships, I did not like her at first…analyze that!)  When they were able to separate us, we were tying up the phone lines with our teeny bopper jabber about *whatever 7-16yr olds talk about (*boys, music groups, boys, tv talk shows, boys) for most of the day.  I think we hit the 8 hour mark once, maybe twice – and that is likely under estimating our mad skillz.  (Even now it’s hard to get off the phone with each other in under 20 minutes!?)  Our parents would even have us join in on family vacations, because that is essentially what we became; family.

So, it’s perhaps to no one’s surprise that we fell into the same career path. (I’m still a little taken aback by it, but it fits us).

After growing up together being gaga over the same boy bands and boy crushes, we started college with the same degree of concentration (photography) and worked together at the same portrait studio.  It wasn’t until then that we started to find a slight ‘Y’ in the road, and I found my photographic voice through food, while she kept at photographing babies and families.  Every once in a while we’d meet at that dip of the ‘Y’ to photograph pets together, but that’s mostly Amanda’s thing now – while I keep to cookbooks and other food related projects.

Rarely do we have the chance to go out shooting together anymore – our time is so limited with work, when our schedules do manage to align we’d rather sit with a cocktail and sushi, and jabber about *whatever 30yr olds talk about (*boys, tv shows, work, boys, family, work, boys).  But we finally made a plan to go out and take pictures – of each other.  Truth be told, we both were in dire need of some updated head shots (mine was from 2010 – and I’ve surprised at least one person with my very opposite of a pixie cut recently).

We decided to take a day trip to the beloved Port Townsend, and for late May in Seattle it turned out to be a beautiful day for pictures…perhaps too beautiful (‘Yay!’ for God’s diffusion panels aka clouds, or in our case, trees)


(ferry ride, and a much-needed visit to one of my favorite coffee shops)

After some yummy salmon chowder and house made chai at Better Living Through Coffee (why didn’t I think to start that business in that exact location first!? – I’m not sure it get’s much better than that coffee shop…I digress) we headed to Fort Worden to find the magic light.  All the while jabbering away…if you couldn’t tell already, that is just what we do.



We arrange a photo shoot like this every couple of years – she has always been my go-to headshot photographer, and somehow I end up being hers?  And every time she makes it so easy to turn the camera on her that I begin to wonder if I should be shooting more portraits…but I’m pretty sure that what you see is more Amanda’s skills than my own. (don’t be fooled)


Without trying, this was actually a more significant process of taking pictures than we had originally planned.  You see – we both turn 30 this year.  Amanda did back in February, and had regretted its rapid approach for about 5 years…I, on the other hand, have been excited to dive into my 30’s for probably those exact same 5 years. (My birthday is at the end of this month)  So it quickly became apparent not only the history that we both hold as friends, but the milestone that we were both documenting of each other – a milestone that we have managed to witness, together, as friends/sisters.  Officially adults.  In the middle of our crazy, wonderful, freelancing careers that we worked hard side by side to create.  Still learning, still finding balance, but well on our way – with a support system that is above and beyond rare a find.


Thanks for the new headshots, Panda!

Let’s go on another photo adventure again soon – maybe cap it off with some sushi?!




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Well, this week has gone in such a unique direction, I might as well get it all out at once!

Two Sundays ago, one of my most dearest friends, Jessica, accepted a ring from one of her dearest friends (and boyfriend), Mark.  Jessica’s standing joke now is that she will think fondly of her last boyfriend, for he gave her a ring…

I’ve known these two since high school, that is, wow, 10 years now!  Jessica and I became so close in our Junior year people at our school thought that we were sisters, or at the very least, cousins.  Even Jessica’s mom would get asked if we were her twin daughters in department stores….it’s the red hair, and for a while there I’m pretty sure we had the same haircut…what can I say? We are close!

Jessica “met” Mark in high school too, they were working at the same music shop, and started “dating” briefly, I remember they went to Homecoming together one year.  And since then, they’ve stayed really close, witnessing each others strengths and weaknesses, good relationships and bad, growing into the people that they are today.  They started dating again earlier this spring.

If there was anyone that I could choose for Jessica to spend the rest of her life with, I would have chosen Mark.  Of all the men in her life, he was always close by.  I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.

*side note: I say they “met” in high school, because they were actually in the same kindergarten class together – so truthfully, they met in kindergarten…this is like my dream love story!


I offered to photograph their engagement session, as a way to say “I love you both!”

These two are some of my all-time favorite people.




Jessica loves to ride carousels.  Her birthday is in mid-December, and every year she goes downtown to ride the “Christmas” carousel at Westlake center – so riding a carousel seemed very fitting. _MG_2219

“Jessica and Mark sitting in a tree – K-I-S-S-I-N-G…”



This next shot is one of my favorites from the day…





Look! FooD!!!…no, I didn’t make them do this – this was completely their idea.  The story goes that this beer brought them together, and not in the way that you might be thinking(!).  Their mutual love and admiration for this certain beer, Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar, somehow set off that spark, that push that made them realize what they were looking for was right in front of them.





I’m so flipping happy for these two!  I can not wait for their special day, I wouldn’t miss it for the world – and I mean that, I’m flying back from Paris just to be a part of it all.


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