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Thanksgiving is slowly becoming one of my favorite holidays…next to Christmas and Easter (can’t beat fresh Easter candy!)

Over the years it has become a holiday where adventure, experimentation, and tradition comes together into one very large, over zealous meal.  My family doesn’t serve your average green bean casserole, stove top stuffing, or cranberry jelly out of a can…we make chipotle apple soup, oyster stuffing, grapefruit-mint vinaigrette on a spinach salad…sometimes we’ll even have themes, like last year we had a plethora of apples and mint in the garden, so we created a menu to compliment those flavors (ie, chipotle apple soup and grapefruit-mint vinaigrette).

One recipe that I found last year that I absolutely fell in love with was a Cranberry, Sour Cherry, and Grapefruit chutney from MarthaStewart.com.

I’ve never been a fan of cranberry sauce (too much sugar maybe?) – but make a chutney with cranberries and citrus, and I will swoon for days…or in this case, years.  Make that citrus, grapefruit, and I’ll be your friend for life.  J’aime le pamplemousse!

Being in Paris this year, I didn’t need to make much, in fact, I didn’t have to make anything.  But I couldn’t ignore the Thanksgiving buzz in the air, and I had to have this cranberry chutney, turkey or no turkey.



There is something about cranberries that makes me feel very ‘girly’ – they glitter like little jewels – makes my heart flutter!

And it’s so satisfying to stir them in a warming pot – that hallow sound that they make when they clink together, it’s like mixing a bowl full of gum balls.


Now, I’m not sure if cranberries are a common thing to find in Paris, my guess is that they are not.  It was something that I pondered while I was putting my grocery list together, and thought it best to google before I left and became frustrated when I couldn’t find the main ingredient in my one simple craving.  And in my search, I found this store, Thanksgiving.  Well that’s fitting…

It’s an English grocery store, that carries all of those undeniable cravings from back home that you just can’t find in your everyday French market.  Cream cheese, Kraft Mac and Cheese, Black beans, Tortillas, Chipotle/Jalapeno, American Oreos, Popcorn, and yes, Cranberries (whole, canned, or jellied).

Homesick no more…for just 3,50 euro, you too can feel the comforting pleasure of Kraft powered cheese…or a bowl of black beans.  An absurd price to pay in the states, but in France, priceless.


Back to the cranberry goodness…



You can’t beat fresh, whole, cranberries.

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