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One of the things that brought me to Paris (finally!), was an opportunity given to me by the first annual Festival International de la Photographie Culinaire. They asked me to be one of their participating photographers for the event, and I just couldn’t say “non”.
The event started on November 6th and will be running through November 15th.
Here’s an excerpt of some of the details about the juried portion of the event (just because I can barely keep it all straight):

“The inauguration of the exhibition will take place on Thursday the 5th in Bercy Village, and the Awards ‘ Ceremony the following Thursday (12th of November) in the Mobalpa Mansion (the trophies ‘Les Lentilles d’Or’ made by Raynaud will be attributed for the 3 Awards: Public Prize, Culinary Heritage Prize, and the Festival Grand Prize)

The jury of the Festival Grand Prize, chaired by Edouard Cointreau, will count the following personnalities : John Stewart, Bruce J. Seidel, Amy Koblenzer from Gourmet Magazine, etc.

The jury for the Culinary Heritage Prize will be chaired by the senator Catherine Dumas (who is the president of the Club ‘La table Française’), and will be composed by 10 members of the French Parliament acting in the Food Industry and Gastronomy.”

What made me most excited, and then most sad a day later – Amy Koblenzer’s presence from Gourmet Magazine…The day after I got this listing of jurors, Gourmet announced it was closing. It was indeed a sad day.

So far I’ve only been to the Bercy Village location. It’s this cute little outdoor ‘mall’ sort of area with row upon row of restaurants (and at the end of the row there appears to be a movie theatre). The images were outside in these public corridors – for all eyes to see – 37 photographers in total, we each had one image at this location, all sized at 120x80cm. (at the second location, Mobalpa, we have two other images, a bit smaller).


I’m the fish tail…aka “Rainbow Trout” (thanks Springfield)


As you can see, I took some ‘snapshots’ of the event – nothing fancy.

On the walls they have these large posters with all of the photographers names listed on them (as the public has the chance to vote as well) – it was kind of neat to see my name in large print like that 🙂

At the opening, they served us champagne, whiskey, freshly shucked oysters (quite literally there were two 18yr old boys breaking a sweat trying to shuck as fast as they could!), some fresh bread and yummy cheese spread, and a table full of Laduree macarons and Belgium chocolates.



…and my sad attempt at taking a photo of me with my photo (how adorable…)

Ah yes!  And the program – my favorite part!

When you are just too lazy to walk around to see what everyone has done (or can’t speak a lick of French to start-up a conversation), they made a very nice program with all of the photographers inside.  A little blurb about who they are, what they have done (in both French and English), and the three images that they have submitted for the show.



This last set of images is not mine, but a photographer from France whose work caught my eye.  I absolutely loved his large print!  Beautiful work, and very evident that he still uses a 4×5 (I’m slightly jealous).


There may be more on this topic coming up, as the award ceremony is this Thursday.  So don’t be surprised if you find me posting more images from the other location here in a few days.

I’m truly honored to be in this show full of so many talented photographers from all around the world.  It’s so lovely.

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