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I have yet to make that trip…you know the one where you backpack around Italy, stay in hostels, and have a diet of just nutella and toast?  Okay, maybe I’d include olives, pasta, and pizza in that diet plan…but you don’t need much else!

I’m a member of a photo group on Flickr called ‘Still Life with…:Remakes’ created by the lovely, Lara Ferroni.  I could go on and on about how lovely Lara is, she really is a superb role model in this food photography world – and she’s from Seattle!!! (about 10 extra brownie points!)

Our first challenge, nutella, and getting just the ‘right’ swirly spread action going.  Mad props to those that can get this right the first time!  But no complaints here, the more nutella that I had to spread, the more nutella I would get to eat! (just gearing up for my ‘trip’ – I’m ready for you Italy!)





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