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I had someone ask me not too long ago what has been the most interesting food item that I have shot so far in my career.  That’s one of those moments where my mind goes blank, and I suddenly forget what my middle name is.

But now I think I have my answer: cereal.

I’m not quite sure what it is about cereal that intrigues me… Maybe it’s the texture?… Perhaps it’s the countless possibilities it holds in composition and form?  Or it could just be fun to shoot, plain and simple.

Here are some behind the scenes images of a shoot I did this weekend in my daylight studio.



I have a new appreciation for Elmer’s glue, it looks more like milk than milk itself!  It’s a beautiful thing.

My cat however found out the hard way that “you don’t jump onto ‘mom’s’ set.”  Glue, water, and cereal went EVERYWHERE – he still has dried glue patches on his fur… no animals or dishes were harmed during the making of this photo shoot.

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I did a shoot a few weeks back for a great design company here in Springfield.  I was asked to make a very unique hot dog look sexy. Alright?!  This must be what it’s like to work on a McDonald’s shoot?…

Food styling by Beth Camplain



Now, I’m not usually a fan of eating hot dogs…but ever since this shoot, I’ve been craving them non-stop!?  Coincidence? …probably not.  Good thing it wasn’t a shoot for McD’s…

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