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A few weeks ago the BF and I tried out one of the many buffets that you will find in Springfield proper.  It seems people don’t like to be told when it’s time to stop eating around here…

It was a Middle Eastern buffet called ‘The Holy Land Diner’.  One of the smaller buffets that we have encountered here thus far, their selection of food was very simple and to the point – salad, olives (yes please!), soup, pita bread and hummus, a vegetarian dish, rice, and two meat dishes, + dessert (didn’t try it).  Not a lot to write home about.

What made this buffet worth it? – aside from the all you can eat kalamata olives…(Zoom in on my purse full of olives.  Kidding!)…the meatballs.  Think Ikea, but all you can eat.  These guys were melt in your mouth, ‘I’m so glad I can go get more’, yum!



I’d go back just for another ‘healthy’ helping of that deliciousness…paired with about 5 heaping bowls full of olives.  Don’t judge me.

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Last Thursday I was given a very ‘unusual’ privilege.  Now, I say ‘unusual’ only because it’s something I never thought I’d document with my camera.

But I suppose I should have seen it coming, as the BF is a reporter at the Illinois state capital building.

Enter stage right, Charity Burggraaf, press pass wearing – politics watching – snap happy photojournalist – for a day, maybe two.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…Springfield.








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I did a shoot a few weeks back for a great design company here in Springfield.  I was asked to make a very unique hot dog look sexy. Alright?!  This must be what it’s like to work on a McDonald’s shoot?…

Food styling by Beth Camplain



Now, I’m not usually a fan of eating hot dogs…but ever since this shoot, I’ve been craving them non-stop!?  Coincidence? …probably not.  Good thing it wasn’t a shoot for McD’s…

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